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We wuz robbed! Only joking. By all accounts West Torrens Concert Band played brilliantly and thoroughly deserved the win, but we did perform under what can only be described as difficult circumstances.

Hahndorf organisers provided plenty of intermission entertainment for both players and audience as they manoeuvred canopies over many obstacles to provide shelter from the ever strengthening drizzle, and eventually we all managed to cram ourselves into position. Ironically, just at that moment, the sun made a brief appearance. Perhaps it was a heavenly gesture of sympathy for Peter, our long suffering MD, the only person standing in the rain.

Lack of space meant we couldn’t open with our planned line up of cornets out front playing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy but their enthusiasm more than made up for the lost visual impact. Lui, our most recent band member, went wild on the drums in Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. What a find he is proving to be. The melancholic Autumn Leaves fitted in perfectly with the never ending drizzle, and Julie Dorey’s solo in Light Walk gave us hope that the sun would eventually shine again. L.O.V.E was a popular choice and Sam Woods amazed with his virtuosity on the trombone in Swing That Door. Gary Boland’s sweet tone as the soloist in Blue Moon would have melted the stoniest heart – or frozen fingers. A rollicking Reet Petite and Everybody Needs Somebody rounded off our presentation.

Well done Campbelltown for rising to the occasion. As one of the adjudicators commented, “Good lively approach on a day, weatherwise, that is not really conducive to liveliness”.

Many thanks to Hahndorf for their organisation, to Ian Collins from Mitcham who helped out at the last minute and awed us with his sight reading ability, to our informative compere Sue who must spend hours on the internet, to the adjudicators, and especially to the audience who deserve a special award for staying power. Here’s hoping for better weather next year!