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In another change for 2010, the nominations for each citizenship award were read out so even though there was only one winner in each category those nominated could also be acknowledged. Nice short speeches of recognition and thanks, shade and seats for guests and band, and an open air venue meant this was a most enjoyable way to start Australia Day.

The band then provided more rousing music to finish the celebrations and then tucked into the sausage sizzled provided by the Council.

This year we witnessed at Campbelltown a change of format for the annual Australia day celebrations. The separation of the Naturalisation Ceremony from the Campbelltown Citizen of the Year awards meant a much more relaxed atmosphere. Being in the morning too, rather than an evening event, was also a big plus – well at least for the band members.

The Campbelltown City Band, under the leadership of Deputy Musical Director Chris Brockhouse, provided some entertaining music as people arrived. The raising of the flag was of course the main part of this celebration and the singing of the National Anthem.