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Age has begun to weary some of the members of Campbelltown City Band and a number of 2012 Christmas Pageant engagements have had to be turned down because we had insufficient marchers or else insufficient tonal balance across the band. All our tuba players, including me, don’t seem to be able to march and breath and carry and play a tuba at the same time anymore. No bass trombone, no euphonium so mainly the upper and upper middle of the band.

Well it worked out well when Al Kidney, our Musical Director suggested his other band, The City of Holdfast Bay Concert Band could combine to make up a good sounding band for the important local Norwood Christmas Pageant on 24th November 2012. This did work well although the bottom end was still a little light but the total number of players did give a good impression.

I was intrigued by the large number of active marchers of “older than me” vintage who put a great effort into the Glenelg Brass Band. They had a well balanced band with a tuba, trombones etc. Must be something about the sea air that gives them added strength.