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Australia Day each year is always an excellent day for us to support the local community in Campbelltown.  This year – with 45 degree days forecast and lots of councils cancelling – our ceremony was held in the Campbelltown Function Centre in a blissful air conditioned 21 degrees.

It’s always a pleasure to play to a large audience and this year was no exception with the Centre full of families wanting to see their loved ones naturalised.  Starting off the evening with a few toe tapping numbers – including a lovely arrangement of Waltzing Matilda by one of our previous musical directors – the ceremony then kicked off.

After the ceremony, we played a few more numbers prior to the commencement of the Australia Day awards ceremony.  Fortunately there was enough time for some members to sneak in a quick BBQ sausage for dinner before rushing back to our seats!

Many thanks to Campbelltown City councillor Jill Whittaker for her recording of the video.