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“In Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”.

Was this the inspiration for our July concert? Not a bad idea in the middle of a gloomy Adelaide winter ….. And it’s a theme which has inspired so many composers and singers from the Beatles to Andrew Lloyd Webber, Nat King Cole, Freddie Mercury and John Denver, all of whom featured in our programme. There’s also plenty of film music to choose from, ranging from green ogres (Shrek) to Lion Kings, reformed French criminals (Les Miserables) and biblical rock operas (Jesus Christ Super Star).

Soloists Sam Woods, Steve Packer, Julie Dorey, Adam Little and Gary Boland played to their usual high standard and a special mention must go to Harry for his performance on percussion.

But for the band the main event of the day was a “dress rehearsal” of our hymn, march and test piece for the following week’s State Championship. After hours and hours of rehearsals, section practice and at least some home practice we needed the extra adrenaline provided by a real audience and it was heart-warming to see so many of our friends, including several Council members and our ever enthusiastic Mayor Jill turning up to support us.