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Adelaide Symphony Orchestra beware! Campbelltown Band has eyes on your repertoire – and we up the ante with scones, jam and cream! Your days may be numbered.

An almost capacity audience came to hear perennial favourites, including the Light Cavalry Overture, Nimrod, Farandole and Can-Can. Our recent “Classical” Community Concert included the intellectual challenge of “Spot the Theme” in Classical Brass and Italian Fantasy medleys and a chance to lie back and be overwhelmed by the beauty of Elgar’s Chanson de Matin and Caccini’s Ave Maria. No wonder this music has endured.

The band is fortunate to include so many talented soloists. Artur Schnabel famously said that Mozart is too easy for children and too difficult for artists. Not sure where Julie Dorey fits in this continuum, but her Allelujah would have wowed the composer himself. Stephen Millar’s Softly Awakes My Heart did full justice to a beautiful melody, Steve Packer challenged the band to keep up with him in Senaille’s exuberant Allegro Spirituoso and multi-instrumentalist John Slater moved seamlessly from trombone to piano in Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring.

The concert concluded with an upbeat rock version of Bach’s Toccata in D. He would have loved it.
Thanks to all the scone bakers, to Rosanna and Kaylene who spent most of the concert drowning in jam and cream, to Sue, our muti-lingual compere (shouldn’t that be commere?) and to our helpers Paul Murray and Colin Smith on cornet and Sean Venning on trombone for filling in the inevitable illness gaps in our ranks.