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Picture, if you will, a desolate Scottish moor (or even a blasted heath if you’re feeling Shakespearean) and the distant sound of a lone piper. An inspired beginning to a War of the Celts concert, you would agree?

Sorry. It turned out to be a beautiful Spring afternoon in Campbelltown with nary a bagpipe in sight (or earshot) Fortunately Adam’s flugel horn proved to be a most acceptable substitute as he opened our annual fund raising concert with the first bars of Highland Cathedral.

What followed included an entertaining mixed bag of Celtic music, (thus avoiding charges of false advertising, although the Irish element was toe-tapping rather than bellicose), another Eurovision Song Contest winner ( Rise Like a Phoenix), folk-song arrangements (Scarborough Fair), film themes (Mack and Mabel, Let it Go, Out of Africa) and by popular demand, a march (Holyrood). Virtuoso solos (Steve Packer in Blight of the Fumble Wasp and David Collinson in Swing That Door) contrasted the sweet sound of slower melodies (Adam Little’s Lady in Red and Julie Dorey’s Pastorale)

An Irish Blessing was a fitting final number, followed by a traditional Campbelltown rollicking encore, Sing, Sing, Sing. Liu Yanchao’s drum breaks, almost lifting the Function Centre roof would have impressed Gene Krupa and the Goodman band.

Many thanks to Compere Sue Smith for her always informative and entertaining introductions, to Marshall (Sheriff?) Cathy Jackson for keeping us all Covid safe and, especially, to Kate Cameron and Anne Jackson for coordinating the afternoon tea and raffle so smoothly.

Sadly we said goodbye to long-term members Anne Seed and Kaylene Rossi. Their hard work organising the library, raffles, refreshments and band social events will be sorely missed. It’s always hard to farewell such close friends, but we hope they will visit us as often as possible. Unfortunately, David Collinson, our talented solo trombone player, will also be leaving soon for a new appointment in NSW.

Thanks again to our devoted audience. We love playing for you and it’s always a delight to look out over what, these days, has to be a capacity crowd. We hope to see you again at our final community concert for the year on December 13th – Party Time!